Daily Gratitude Journal: Day 3

(I am posting late, I was sick yesterday and spent most of the day in bed)


I am grateful for my health today. Grateful for the days when I feel good in my mind and in my body. I have been feeling a little off kilter for the last few days, in both mind and body. I am a little sick, but mental sickness is contributing to physically feeling unwell.

Despite that though, I am healthy and I am able to be present in the here and the now. I am grateful for being able to feel and sense my health and not numb it out and pretend it isnt there and then worry for the next day what I am doing to my body. I trust myself, I listen to my body and my mind. Today I needed rest. Today, I am resting. Tomorrow I will be healthy and strong.


What matters the most, is right now. You have all the tools you need to be here, now.

I get lost in my thoughts. I really do live in my head. I am working with my therapist and incorporating mindfulness techniques into my daily living. I am working on getting out of my head, of perpetuating a thought spiral about events that are over and done with. I do not need to ruminate on small things, my perceived past feelings. I need to remember that my thoughts are not facts, they are simply mental events. All of my mental events are colored by my perceptions and my emotional responses to any stimuli. My emotions and perceptions shape my thoughts.

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